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Just read this article in the Huffington Post, “The Truth About Breastfeeding.”  The author outlines 11 things she wished she had known–wished someone had told her.  It is funny and cute, and it may be true….  Do we hide the “truth” about breastfeeding and mothering, for that matter, both can be difficult, hard, rewarding and the best thing you ever do (talk about conflicting)???

It can be hard and challenging in the beginning and every time someone tells you, “if it hurts you are doing it wrong” may feel like a knife in your heart.  Is there an assumption since breastfeeding is natural, it should happen naturally?

Breastfeeding is a learned art; it takes time to get it right and you and the baby are learning at the same time.  It does get easier but as you sit there with your nipples bleeding you may not find comfort in that.

My advice–be prepared and GET HELP as soon as possible.  Don’t be afraid to reach out with questions and concerns.  Join a support group–breastfeeding/mothering support groups are a wonderful way to meet other moms going through the same thing–after all “misery loves company”–kidding aside, there is something invaluable about knowing someone else feels the same way you do and more importantly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel–meeting the moms who have gotten past that point, who are “in love” with breastfeeding who can share their “I remember when” stories.


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