We are eating less meat

I read an article in today’s NYT that made me smile and frustrated me at the same time,

For those that know me or follow me on The Lactation Lady Facebook Fanpage, you know healthy eating choices and healthy living choices are a passion of mine; hence, the career supporting breastfeeding.  The article outlined the author’s response to last months Daily Livestock Report (pdf of report available from a link in the article).  The reasons why meat consumption have dropped and continue to drop (and are expected to continue to drop) did not include HEALTH REASONS.  You would have to be living in a bubble not to know that current diet recommendations for healthy living focus on plant based eating and reducing (or in some cases [particularly cardiac related cases] eliminating meat)—Welcoming the rise in vegetarian eating, Meatless Mondays, the push for Forks over Knives–the movement to reduce the amount of meat people consume for health reasons.

There will be those holdouts–just like there are still plenty of people who choose to smoke and/or consume fried foods (you can insert any non-healthy vice here [please note, I recognize that no one, myself included, is perfect])–but hopefully even they have or will switch to an approach that includes moderation.



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