Breastfeeding; Getting Started

WOW, this was not what I expected!

In the beginning it is not uncommon for many new parents to find breastfeeding a little overwhelming. Breastfeeding is a LEARNED ART and you and the baby are learning at the same time.

Getting off to a good start will help ensure a successful breastfeeding experience.

Many parents I meet in the hospital setting, during the first day or two after delivery, are in the process of finding “their own way”. What does this mean? There is not ONE WAY to breastfeed; instead every family must find their own way.

Conflicting Advice and Information:

Many parents grow increasing frustrated over the conflicting information and advice they receive from family, friends, and health care professionals. Please try not to let that aggravate you.

Instead realize that this is a great example of how everyone breastfeeds differently; there is not one way to do it!

I recommend that you take all advice in and then pick and choose what you like and what you think will work best for you. Remember there are some guidelines that are important, but there are NO Rules for this.

On a side note there is research showing that one of the reasons parents introduce supplements earlier than intended is the lack of support and conflicting information received from health care professionals (Taveras,et al., 2003). Plan for this; line up good support before the birth. Have your lactation consultant on speed dial.

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