Can Moms with Different Parenting Styles Still be Friends?

This article, “Can Moms with Different Parenting Styles Still be Friends” caught my eye this morning.  I think because I have often thought about this, especially when my boys were younger, and we have talked  about “judgement” in the Bosom Buddies Breastfeeding Support Group many times. We have talked about how judging other mothers and other parents can be so harmful since we all parent different. Here is a post I wrote awhile back about the harm of judging parenting in public especially when the scenario involves a child who is autistic. Since we never know the whole story and have not walked in the other parent’s shoes there has to be a better way to show support or kindness.  Even moms and dads parents differently, each with their own style, so we are bound to run into other mothers who just don’t “see it” or “do it” like we do.

Parenting can be like politics.  Everyone has their own opinion and those who deviate from your passionate stance can cause a strong visceral like response. My hubby begs me to not talk politics at parties or in any social situation because I can get “heated”.  I love debating and I can be very opinionated (and of course, my opinion is the right one [said with a smile]).  Parenting is like that; we feel strongly about our beliefs and how we choose to raise our kids.

Soooo can moms with differing parenting styles still be friends?  What do you think?

This video was released a few weeks ago and I posted it on The Lactation Lady, LLC Facebook fanpage but I want to add it to this post.  I loved this video when I saw it–I love the mom, her facial expressions and intonation of her voice are perfect.  I have said all these things at some point in time. I did not “share it” on my personal Facebook page because I know that may of my fiends would not “get it”–many of my friends think I am that “crunchy/crazy” momma and they did and do not feel the same way I do–but they are my friends nonetheless.  For all you crunchy momma out there, I hope you get a good laugh:

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