We are planning our annual Bosom Buddies Halloween Party for Wednesday, October 31st (our 6th one).  In the past all the kiddies wear a costume and they could not look more adorable.  Bring your camera and a pot luck dish and join us.

You are welcome to join the Breastfeeding Support Group, Bosom Buddies; we try to meet every Wednesday from 11-12:30 pm at the Community Center Room on the first floor of the Colts Neck Library,1 Winthrop Lane, Colts Neck, NJ.  When I am not able to attend, the group is moderated by our other mother moderators or they plan off site activities.  Here is link for our flyer with the address location, http://www.thelactationlady.com/files/Download/Bosom%20Buddies%20Flyer%202.pdf   
The group is free and open to all breastfeeding mothers and babies.  This is a mother lead group; meaning moms lead the discussions, pick the topics and everyone gets a chance to share.  I merely serve as one of the group’s moderators and organizer (I volunteer my time).  This is not a breastfeeding clinic and participation in the group cannot take the place of a lactation consultation/assessment.  We are happy to lend support, encouragement, and share our knowledge and experiences with you. Please email me  at TheLactationLady@gmail.com if you plan on attending as we sometimes plan guest speakers and off site demo classes.

Come out and meet the other moms and kiddies-you won’t regret it:)

I apologize for not posting more frequently on this website blog; I do post regularly on breastfeeding and parenting topics here, https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Lactation-Lady-LLC/125962971804 so feel free to check out The Lactation Lady, LLC Facebook Fanpage.






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