Register for the Bosom Buddies Breastfeeding Support Group HERE  by sending me an email letting me know when you will be attending for the first time. You are welcome to join the Breastfeeding Support Group, Bosom Buddies; we try meet every Wednesday from 11-12:30 pm at the Community Center Room on the first floor of the […]
I post regularly on Facebook here. So if you are looking for posts on breastfeeding, parenting and mothering issues stop by The Lactation Lady, LLC Fanpage on Facebook.  
We are planning our annual Bosom Buddies Halloween Party for Wednesday, October 31st (our 6th one).  In the past all the kiddies wear a costume and they could not look more adorable.  Bring your camera and a pot luck dish and join us. You are welcome to join the Breastfeeding Support Group, Bosom Buddies; we […]
A mother recounts her own experience and feelings of pressure to breastfeed in today’s NYT (see link below). Obviously, perspective is everything–but the author has a right to her opinion and her desire to express it—although, this piece reads more like a rationalization of the author’s opinions to me. Many in the field of lactation read […]
I received a video today from a fellow Bosom Buddy of her son nursing.  It was so precious, genuine, and simplistic in it’s beauty.  It reminded me of this video I came across years ago and had shared with the group way back when.
I am an active member of the Monmouth/Ocean Breastfeeding Consortium and the group’s webmaster (being the self-proclaimed geek of the group).  Recently we updated our Breastfeeding Guide; Getting Started (formerly known as the Breastfeeding Resource Guide); the revision was a true group effort.  The guide was created to help families get breastfeeding off to a good […]
I have been following the news stories about brown rice syrup containing arsenic since mid February; the uproar was based on a recent Dartmouth study linking brown rice syrup with high arsenic levels.  Here is more information, “Organic brown rice syrup is often used as a substitute for high fructose corn syrup in prepared organic […]
Yesterday, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) reaffirmed their Breastfeeding Policy, Breastfeeding and the use of Human Milk (abstract below), 2012. In 1997 the AAP wrote a strong evidenced based policy on Breastfeeding and strengthened the policy  again in 2005; the 2012 update is the newest version.  The policy was well received in the field of […]
I have spent all my spare time this week trying to organize our family photos.  No, I am not taking about the actually hard copies–they still sit in boxes in our basement.  They have been there since we moved to our house here in Colts Neck, 5 years ago.  That is a project for another […]